Get a Custom Nightguard or Bite Splint

 One of the best pieces of insurance that you can have for you smile is a protective mouthguard. But just any guard won’t do — only a custom made protective prosthesis designed by your dentist will fit securely all night (or day) long and offer the highest level of protection.

Should I Wear a Nightguard?

If you’ve invested in a dental makeover, cosmetic veneers, or recent restorative work such as implants, then you want your new smile to last as long as possible. Dr. Renan Buitrago may want you to wear a mouthguard when you’re sleeping if you are especially prone to:

  • Bruxism (clenching and grinding your teeth)
  • TMJ pain
  • Migraine headaches
  • Tooth wear and fracturing

Not only will a custom mouthguard prevent wear to your teeth, it also limits the risk of fracturing your new dental restorations.

How a Custom Nightguard is Made

When you visit our cosmetic dentist in Coral Springs, we take an impression of your teeth. This mold allows us to create a replica of your mouth to shape a custom mouthguard over each curve and contour of your smile. With a snug fit, you don’t have to worry about the guard feeling too bulky or loose (like an over the counter product would,) so it’s easier to sleep in at night.

If you’re thinking about getting a smile makeover, be sure to ask our Coral Springs prosthodontist if you should also invest in a nightguard to go along with it!



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