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Mancia Adult Orthodontics Miami

If you suffer with crooked teeth or overbite, it’s never too late for the smile you’ve always wanted. The corrective power of Adult orthodontics is within your reach. It’s not only effective on children, but it also works just as good on adults. A consultation with Dr. Mancia will provide you with treatment options that will help you look your best in Miami.

Many adult orthodontics, particularly working professionals – favor discreet treatment methods in Miami. Since inconspicuous treatment is important to our Miami orthodontic patients, Mancia Orthodontics offers options like Invisalign® and tooth-colored braces. Our mission is to make your adult orthodontics treatment a positive experience for all our patients in Miami.

If Invisalign is not an option for you, we proudly offer traditional and clear braces in Miami. Your treatment options will vary depending on your teeth, mouth and the correction needed.

Dr. Mancia will advise you as to what will work best and how long the different treatments might take. The average treatment plan takes about 12-24 months depending on necessary teeth movement.

Ultimately, our goal is for you to reach your adult orthodontics goals and needs in a fast and predictable manner. Our dental team will make your journey to a beautiful smile a pleasant and comfortable one.

Don’t wait any longer! A beautiful smile is only a phone call away.
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